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Transparent prices, no surprise bills, and surgery at a fair price are Epic! Come see how we are changing surgical care for employers and individuals.


Our solutions

Saving money without compromising on quality

Self-Funded Employers

Epic was designed specifically for self-funded and partially self-funded employers. We focus specifically on those procedures that drive up the cost of employee medical benefits.

Benefits to Employers—Click here to learn more

  • Big savings for you
  • Better care for your employees
  • No need to change anything else about your plan

High Deductible? HSA? No Insurance?

Individuals and families with high deductibles, health savings accounts, or no insurance, can benefit from our low cash prices without compromising on safety or quality. Financing may be available.

Benefits for Individuals—Click here to learn more

  • Cash prices that are significantly lower than hospitals
  • Better-than-hospital care
  • No surprise bills

Saving your customers money

Epic's prices are a boon for commercial payers who want to provide their customers with the best value, build their book of ASO business, or increase profits.

Benefits for commercial payers

  • Something new and effective to offer your clients
  • Flexible billing—in- or out-of-network; bundled or broken into facility, surgeon, and anesthesiologist

Overseas savings, U.S. Quality

If you pursuing FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)  or just trying to save money on surgery, you might be tempted to go overseas for medical treatment. We think going to a third-world country for surgery is dangerous, inconvenient, and a waste of a good vacation. Epic offers prices comparable to those you would find overseas, with the convenience and safety of using a U.S. accredited facility. (If you do want a vacation, Utah is hard to beat and Salt Lake is a convenient Delta hub.)

Employees everywhere?

If you are a national company or if your employees are distributed across the country (more common than ever before), getting good rates for surgery or a reasonable provider network is a challenge. Epic is a national center of excellence for joint replacements and major orthopedic surgery.

Benefits for a distributed workforce

  • Epic's prices are lower than your local rates
  • Epic is located 20 minutes from SLC International, a Delta hub
  • Epic surgeons do more specialized surgeries

Urgent care for Stones

When you have a kidney stone, you want it taken care of now! As part of its partnership with Summit Urology Group, Epic now offers urgent care for kidney and bladder stones.

Benefits for Kidney Stone Sufferers—Click here for more

  • Same or next-day treatment for stones
  • The most advanced equipment and care
  • Epic's low prices and great service


Epic's surgeons are among the best in the state. Each is U.S. trained and board-certified in their fields.  Each Epic surgeon has performed your surgery hundreds or even thousands of times.

Epic surgeons also operate at area hospitals, and because they are committed to reducing the cost of healthcare you can see them at Epic.



Hospitals are full of sick people. Surgery centers are for people who are healthy but need something fixed. That's one reason Epic is safer than a hospital. Epic has been performing surgery since 2016 and no patient has ever left Epic with an acquired infection.

“We love Epic Surgical and their approach to healthcare payments.  We appreciate their commitment to ‘price transparency’ and helping patients know before they go what the costs will be.  This truly is how healthcare should be done."

John Anderson - MotivHealth

"The team here was very friendly and always ensured that all my questions were answered."

Michelle T. - Reno, Nevada

"I was extremely well cared for and my surgery was great."

Sherry Paul

"Very friendly and kind service. Knowledgable about procedure and recovery. Helped solve issue quickly and effectively."

Victor Ashley

"The staff and Doctor were great thank, you very much."

James Hicks

"It was awesome! Great experience. It felt comfortable start to finish despite being there for a procedure. Excellent staff. Super friendly and helpful."

Jacob Maxwell

Procedures and prices

Click on a specialty area to see available surgeries and Epic's all-inclusive list price. Prices may vary a little based on the severity of your case, but you will always know exactly how much your procedure will cost before you come in. Epic means no surprises!

If the surgery you need is not on the list, contact us; we'll tell you if it can be done here and how much it will cost.

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The best care at the best price

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