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Ogden City School District

You work for the Ogden School district: here are some things to know

You will not have any out of pocket expense for your surgery.

Because the school district saves so much money when you use Epic, they can afford to waive your deductible. This saves your HSA thousands of dollars.

Your surgery will cost the district about half of what it might at a hospital.

Because Epic doesn't have the overhead or billing costs of a hospital, your decision to use Epic saves the district thousands of dollars. This benefits both you and your fellow employees because it reduces expenses and lowers the rates all employees pay for insurance

You will never get a bill.

One of the reasons that Epic is less expensive is because we don't bill. The school district will pay for the entire cost of your surgery at the time you have the procedure and you will not get bill from us.

Epic is an "ambulatory surgical center."

This means that you will have your surgery and then go homeā€”no hospital stay! We'll take great care of you while you're at Epic but you will probably only be here for 3-5 hours and no more than 23. You will be recovering in the comfort of your own home.

Your surgery can take place as soon as a couple of days from now.

Because Ogden School District employees are a priority at Epic, you could have your surgery and start experiencing relief within days.

Talk to HealthEZ or the district office about surgery at Epic.