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Why does Epic Exist?

Access to healthcare is too confusing and too expensive

Why should you choose Epic Surgical Center? The answer is simple. Epic Surgical is consistently up to 50% less expensive than other surgical facilities in Utah. Even if you have insurance, we may be a better option considering skyrocketing deductibles, co-insurance and the increasing high cost of care at other surgical centers and hospitals. And by all means, save your HSA dollars that you work so hard for!  


Many of our patients have chosen Epic for their surgical care because our cash prices are most often less expensive than using their insurance plans. We will discuss the surgery you are in need of, and then explain how much your insurance benefits will cost you out of pocket at other facilities or hospitals and then compare the savings you could achieve at Epic Surgical. That is money that stays in your pocket...not the hospital's! 

Although we offer huge savings, we do not achieve this by “cutting corners.” Our facility operating rooms are truly state of the art and our surgeons  like them better than the ones they use at area hospitals! Our Physician Specialists are Board Certified in their respective specialties and perform surgery at all major hospitals along the Wasatch Front. Our operating room staff are all licensed, skilled professionals and take your safety and comfort as their number one priority.


By choosing Epic Surgical, you know exactly what your surgery will cost prior to having it, and there will be NEVER be any surprise bills mailed to your home for months after your surgery has taken place. Our surgical prices are inclusive of the surgeons fee, Anesthesiologists fee and the facility’s fee. Like all of our patients, you will appreciate what we have to offer. It’s time to take control of your healthcare costs…and we are here to help you!

Our Staff


Founder and owner

Dr. Huff is a board-certified anesthesiologist and the chief medical officer at Epic Surgical Center.

Michelle hines

Operations Manager

Michelle keeps Epic running smoothly and makes sure everyone has what they need to take care of you.

Epic provides the best surgical care at the best prices. One of the ways we do this is by having few full-time employees and bringing in Utah's best talent as needed. We have a team of dedicated doctors, nurses, and caregivers who will take care of you just when you need them.

Because we provide a great experience for surgeons, nurses, and caregivers, people line up to work at Epic and we get to choose from Utah's best. Click here to meet the surgeons who currently practice at Epic.

Our operating room is one of the best in Utah.