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The benefits of adding Epic:

You can keep all the cost-saving measures you already have in place.

For a self-funded company, Epic is a true add-on. You can keep what's already working and just use us for the things that save money.

You company can save tens of thousands of dollars.

Because of our business model and (much) lower overhead, we save thousands on the procedures that are the biggest drivers of your medical costs.

Your employee will not get a bill.

One of the reasons that Epic is less expensive is that we don't bill patients, so your employees don't get confusing or surprise bills or explanations of benefits that they then have to come ask you about.

Epic is designed specifically for companies like the Davis School District.

We have designed our services around the needs of self-funded and partially self-funded employers, and the Ogden District is already using us. We fit you, not the other way around.

What's next?

Gather your questions and give me a call or drop me a line:

Kwin Peterson

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Or if you want to hand this off to your broker to see if it is a good fit, enter that contact information here and I'll follow up.

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