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You Can...

  • Save millions of dollars on your medical benefits
  • Interrupt the ever-climbing co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses, and premiums you have to pass on to your employees
  • Provide better care for your employees
  • Take control of some of your benefits costs

The latest tool in the fight against rising medical costs

The costs of your company's medical benefit is projected to rise six and a half percent next year. This is not a surprise; costs have been going up every year for more than a decade. And over the years, your company has worked hard to deal with it by:

  • Implementing HSAs
  • Increasing co-pays
  • Changing brokers
  • Changing coverage networks
  • Increasing employee contributions
  • Reducing benefits
  • Implementing wellness programs
  • Increasing prices
  • Reducing profits

Now Epic Surgical Center gives you another tool for cost reduction: An independent ambulatory surgical center that specializes in the most common surgeries that are driving your usage and costs. We also publish our all-inclusive prices, giving you transparency and certainty.

Epic reduces costs through unmatched efficiency; not by cutting corners. Our surgeons are the same ones practicing at area hospitals, our implants are industry standards, and our care is personalized and effective. The results? Here are some common procedures and the all-inclusive Epic price:

  • Total Hip Replacement: $19,880 (compared with a hospital list price of over $47,000)
  • Total Knee Replacement: $17,890 (compared with a hospital list price of over $40,000)
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair: $4,130 (compared with a hospital list price of over $22,000)

For information on how you can add Epic to your healthcare mix, or to take a tour of our facility, call 801-290-6060.