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For Medallus Patients

If you are a patient of a Medallus Medical Clinic and have been referred for a surgical consultation at Epic, here are some things to know.

Epic is an "ambulatory surgical center."

This means that you will have your surgery and then go home—no hospital stay! We'll take great care of you while you're at Epic but you will probably only be here for 4-6 hours and no more than 23. You will be recovering in the comfort of your own home.

Your surgery can take place as soon as a couple of days from now.

After a meeting with your surgeon to help you understand what to expect, how to prepare, and how to recover, you could have your surgery and start experiencing relief within days.

Your surgery will cost about half of what it might at a hospital.

Because Epic doesn't have the overhead or billing costs of a hospital, you can save a lot of money. Even if you have insurance, your Epic surgery might be less than your deductible.

You will pay in advance and you will never get a bill.

One of the reasons that Epic is less expensive is because we don't bill. You will pay before your surgery and never get bill from us or anyone else.

Epic does not take insurance.

Another reason that Epic is less expensive is because we don't take insurance; this allows us to be flexible in the prices we charge. People with high-deductible plans almost always save money at Epic. If you have questions about whether Epic will save you money, call 801-290-6060 and we will tell you.

Key Bank offers no-interest financing for up to 15 months for Epic patients.

To apply for financing, contact Justine Skinner by email ( ) or phone 801-293-6248.

You will know exactly how much your surgery will cost.

See our price list. The prices include everything—no surprises.

Call 801-290-6060 to book your consultation or get answers to your questions.